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Fandom Origin Stories: Star Trek


Star Trek has a very special place in my heart because I consider it my first fandom. I have several family members who are Trekkies and it has always been a part of my life. I was basically born a Trekkie. In fact, some of my earliest memories are about Star Trek. My brothers were always talking about it, my aunt would tape episodes for us and we’d binge-watch TNG even before binge-watching was a thing, and my very first celebrity crush was on Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. (Yep, even at a young age, I appreciated logic!)

Watching TNG and DS9 made me happy and by the time VOY came out I was ecstatic! This was the first time a Star Trek show aired on my tv regularly and each week I would catch up with the Voyager crew. The strong female role-models like Captain Janeway, and later Seven of Nine, were encouraging to watch as a girl and it helped me to navigate the rocky teenage years that lied ahead.

More recently I have thoroughly enjoyed the new iteration of films and look forward to Star Trek Beyond, coming out later this month. I also am very excited and curious to see what the new series has in store. Although I have been disappointed by Trek in the past (Enterprise, I’m talking to you!) I choose to remain optimistic and eagerly await the premier next year!

I love that Star Trek is all about looking to the future with hope, positivity and unity. Even though there is plenty of conflict in the Trek universe, they always try to work together to solve whatever problem comes their way. The technology is also mind blowing – things like holodecks, transporters, replicators and tricorders make me yearn to live in a future where science fiction has become science fact. What’s cool is that we’ve already seen a lot of advances in science actually inspired by Star Trek.

Gene Roddenberry was truly a visionary and his timeless stories continue inspire both fictionally and in real life. I am proud to be Trekkie and can’t wait for more stories to take me to the final frontier and beyond!

Live long and prosper!


An Open Letter to HitchBOT (and family)

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Dear HitchBOT (and family),

I was so saddened to hear of your vandalism and subsequent demise. In your short life you touched so many lives and I know you will continue to do so.

When I first heard about your trek across Canada I was delighted and intrigued. Your family and the strangers who helped you make your way across the country represent the best in humanity. Wide-eyed curiosity, neighborly love, and a passion for the unknown are all things that make humans (and robots!) great.

It’s appalling to think of the inhumanity that led me to write this letter, but here we are. Yes, bad things do happen to good robots, but please know how many of us would have preferred to *never* see a bad thing happen to you. I sincerely hope that your family is able to construct a HichtBOT 2.0. If that’s the case, I’ll be watching for you when you get to Arizona!

Much Love,


Star Wars Rebels: What I’d Like to See in Season 2 (and Beyond)!

Happy Star Wars Rebels Day! Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I am very excited for season 2 of Star Wars Rebels. In honor of the season 2 premiere, I present to you: what I’d like to see in season 2 and beyond.

Obviously Ahsoka!

I’m thrilled to have Ahsoka back, but I have so many questions.

What has she been doing since she left the Jedi Order?

What specific things has she seen to prompt her to join the Alliance?

Does she have contact with Leia and does she tell her stories about Padme?

What does she know about Darth Vader?

Will her noticeably different head tail and face markings be explained within the story or are they just a difference in animation?

The Rebel Alliance

Of course the Ghost crew is our main focus with this series, but I hope we see more of “The fire across the galaxy”. It will be cool to see the network of rebels grow and work together to defeat the empire. Also, it will be interesting to see if any elements of this story work their way into the upcoming Rogue One.

Children of the Force

In season 1 we saw Darth Vader mention “The Children of the Force”. I am curious to find out more about this intriguing phrase. Are there more children of the force out there? Will they be trained in the dark ways of the force and used as a weapon against the rebels?

The Lasat Extermination

It was heartbreaking to find out about the destruction of Zeb’s people and planet by the Empire. I would like to learn more about the circumstances leading up to these terrible events.


Sabine is quite the enigma. We know very little about her background and why she hates The Empire so much. Also, how does a 16 year old have such extensive training with explosives? And will she betray the rebels at some point?

More Bridges Between the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy

We saw some familiar faces in season one, but I still would like to see more. I think having Leia is a must! We’ve already seen Bail, and by this point in time Leia is no doubt aiding her father in the Rebellion and representing Alderaan in the Senate.

In addition to Rex and the others clones we’ve seen in the preview I’d like to see Obi-Wan, Darth Maul, Mon Mothma, and Biggs.

So enjoy the premiere tonight, Star Wars fans! A new season brings so many possibilities and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Movie Review: Jurassic World

I have always loved and will always love dinosaurs. From a young age they ignited my imagination like no other. When I was a kid you could find me playing with toy dinosaurs, reading about them, or drawing pictures of them. And this was before I had even heard of Jurassic Park. When I did hear about this incredible movie about dinosaurs coming out I knew I had to go. Although being younger than the suggested 13 years old, my mom was cool enough to let me see the movie. This was the first PG13 movie I had ever seen and it left a lasting impression. The unforgettable combination of wonder and terror filled my little life and has stayed with me ever since.

Fast forward 22 years. I was thrilled from the moment I found out about a new Jurassic Park movie coming out. I had high expectations going into this movie (10 raptor claws out of 10 to be exact) and I was not disappointed! So naturally I was compelled to write about why Jurassic World was such an amazing movie to me.

First of all, the graphics. Don’t get me wrong, the effects in Jurassic Park were astounding, but technology has come so far in 22 years it made Jurassic World come alive that ways that the previous 3 movies could only dream of. The crystal clear imagery (especially in the 3d imax version I saw) is so realistic you can almost feel the dinosaurs breathe! And things like the holographic displays, the “hamster ball” vehicle and the park itself all made for some awesome eye candy.

Speaking of the park, I thought this movie cleverly and realistically portrayed our modern society. From the Starbucks and Brookstone stores in the park, to the Verizon sponsored dinosaur, this part of the movie rang true. (And I’m sure made for some excellent product placement deals!) It was also very funny to see the tourists deal with problems we know all too well, namely long lines and crowds, as well as some that are not as well-known, such as being chased by pterodactyls!

And then there’s Chris Pratt. He’s the perfect blend of rugged, funny, sexy and sensitive. He knows when to kick butt when needed, but also he recognizes that the dinosaurs are animals with feelings. I loved the Raptor Rangler aspect of this movie. In Jurassic Park the Raptors were immensely terrifying so it was cool to see that they are trainable. I would like to see Owen riding them in the next movie!

I really enjoyed the wide variety of actors in this film. It was especially nice to see BD Wong (of Law & Order SVU fame) reprise his role as a mad scientist. I also liked Vincent D’Onofrio, Jake Johnson, Irrfan Khan and Omar Sy. And the two boys, Ty Symkins and Nick Robinson, were great too. They were convincing as young people but not overly annoying. (But I do have to say Timmy and Lex from the original are hard to beat!) Also, the Jimmy Fallon cameo was hilarious!

Of course I could go on and on about all the things I loved about this movie. The music, the nods to Jurassic Park, the beautiful landscape etc, etc but overall I thought it was a fantastic summer block buster that left me with the same wonder and terror of the original. I give it 9.5 Raptor claws out of 10. I held back giving it a 10 out of respect for the original.

Do I think there’ll be another Jurassic Park movie? I would hope that humanity has learned its lesson by now, but I doubt it. I think dinosaurs are definitely in our future…

Phoenix Comicon 2015

This past weekend nerds converged in Phoenix to the premier pop culture event of the Southwest – Phoenix Comicon. This con was four days of pure, nerdy bliss. Mind-blowing cosplay, top-notch guests, a massive show room floor and impeccable organization made it one of the best cons I have ever attended!


I was happy to have a more interactive role this time with my media pass for the Who Wars podcast. I was fortunate enough to be there every single day and documented it all in the form of notes, audio, video and photographs.

Here’s my recap:

Day 1 (Thursday)

I picked up my media pass and headed to a panel about the darkest episodes of Doctor Who. I was surprised how full it was, probably about 90-95% capacity. It was a great panel that gave us a top 10 list of the darkest episodes complete with clips from classic Who and Nu-Who. Can you guess which episode was number one?

Next it was off to my interview with Chuck Wendig. He’s the author of the upcoming Star Wars novel, Aftermath, which takes place right after Return of the Jedi. This was my first scheduled interview that I’ve done like this so I was a bit nervous. But, Chuck was super nice and told me everything he possibly could about the book without being taken out by Lucasfilm.


After that, I got the last part of a panel about Star Wars conspiracies. Here they discussed such pressing topics as: Are Yoda and Palpatine besties? Did Palpatine kill Padme? And more!

Day 2 (Friday)

I started off day 2 with an interview with writer Paul Cornell. He’s written a lot of things for Doctor Who, so of course we wanted him on Who Wars! He is such a personable and friendly guy, really a pleasure chatting with him!

After that, I wandered to show room floor for a bit. It seemed even bigger this year and there was literally something for everyone! Some of my favorite purchases this year included a Tomorrowland pin, a Mockingjay pin, a TARDIS bow tie, a plush R2-D2 ball, and a cute R2-D2 knit hat!


Next up was my interview with Hi-Fi colorist Brian Miller. He’s done Star Wars and Doctor Who art as well as colored some of the Titan Doctor Who comics we review on Who Wars. His partner in crime, artist Joe Corroney, was sitting right there so I also did an impromptu interview with him.

Next I headed up the Hall of Heroes. This is the area where all the actors and costuming groups were. I checked out the TARDIS and the Star Wars area. Then I went over to where the actors were to see who I could find. I saw Tom Kane (the voice of Yoda on Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and in a moment of bravery, determination and pure hope I went up to him and asked him for an interview. He graciously agreed and invited me to sit at his table for about a half hour and answered my questions in between signing and doing voices for fans. And we also did a “Yoda-off”, so that was epic.


Mr. Kane is so incredibly nice and I am so happy to have the privilege of talking to him!


After that, I headed to the Jason Isaacs panel. It was a pretty good panel, but he didn’t talk much about the Inquisitor or Star Wars Rebels. I would have loved to get an interview with him, but it sadly didn’t happen.

Tom Kane had a spotlight panel after that where he might have hinted that Jabba could be making an appearance in Star Wars Rebels…

I did a bit more wandering and people watching and that was it for day two.

Day 3 (Saturday)

Suited in my Aphra costume, I started day three with a Star Wars Rebels panel that recapped season 1. That was good for me because I had already basically forgotten everything that happened in season one.

Next was the Chuck Wendig spotlight panel. Again, he couldn’t really talk much Star Wars, but it was cool to hear his stories and advice he had for people.

My next choice was the ultimate Who Wars decision. There was a panel about the Force and one about the Master. Ultimately I went with the one about the Master because 1) I had only been to one Doctor Who panel so far, and 2) I haven’t watched much classic Who and thought I might learn a thing or two. And I certainly did. It was very informative and even made me want to go check out some of the classic episodes with the Master.

Katee Sackhoff was the next panel. Although it was interesting to hear her talk about her time on Battlestar Galactica, I was hoping she would say something about Clone Wars. But she didn’t. I also would have LOVED to interview her, but it just wasn’t feasible.


 Day 4 (Sunday)

Day four was so much fun! I started with a panel about having an animation career that featured animation veterans Jason Spisak, Adam Beechen, Shannon Eric Denton and Heath Corson. There were so many people interested in an animation career and the guys gave such awesome advice!


Then afterwards I interviewed voice actor, Jason Spisak, who did the voice of Lux in the Clone Wars. He was very funny, genuine and awesome.


Next up was Star Wars Family Feud. This was a super fun, high energy recreation of the game show but with Star Wars based questions. It was Rebels vs. The Empire and everyone had a lot of fun! Right after this I was able to witness the Running of the Willrow Hoods! It was a bit smaller than the one at Star Wars Celebration, but still amazing! Indeed, ice cream is ALWAYS canon!


After some final show room floor gazing I left Phoenix Comicon 2015 grinning from ear to ear after the amazing weekend I had. Thankfully I don’t have to wait a full year for the next event, Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest is in December!

In the meantime don’t forget to check out my photos on Flickr and my coverage of Phoenix Comicon on Who Wars!