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Kate’s Craft Corner: Star Wars Celebration Bookmarks

   I’ve been busy making these cute bookmarks to give people at Star Wars Celebration. The supplies I used are:

  • blue cardstock
  • stickers from Hallmark
  • black and silver Sharpies,
  • a hole punch
  • ribbon

They were really fun to make and each one features a different Star Wars quote on the back! If you see me there, be sure to ask for one!


Kate’s Craft Corner – Tardis Bottle

The final product.
The final product.

When you’re a Whovian you always seem to notice things that are “Tardis Blue”. So when I noticed the beautiful blue color of the Skyy Vodka bottle, I knew right away that it would make an awesome Tardis bottle. After emptying the bottle*, I stripped the stickers off with rubbing alcohol, got some paint markers at the craft store, and carefully painted the iconic details onto the bottle and voila! A beautiful Tardis bottle that would actually make a wonderful vase for some blue roses! 🙂

*Please drink responsibly and if you are a youngling please have an adult procure the bottle for you.