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Sorry It’s Monday: Cute Kids at Star Wars Celebration Edition

Hey everyone. The weekend was awesome, but now it’s over. 😦

Here are some pictures of cute kids at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim to help you get through this Monday.

IMG_5018 IMG_5198.

IMG_5201 IMG_5203 IMG_5075 IMG_5056 IMG_5051 IMG_4863

May the force be with you!


Star Wars Celebration – Personal Log | April 16, 2015

I came back to my hotel last night night way too exhausted to write about my day. I literally fell asleep trying to watch the new teaser one more time. That’s how tired I was. But I woke up refreshed and pumped to take on another day at #SWCA. But before I do that, here’s a recap of yesterday.

We ended up leaving Phoenix about 1 am on Thursday and I only slept for about 1 hour in the car. Yep. I went all day yesterday, with just one hour of sleep! Oh, the sacrifices we make for Star Wars! But it was totally worth it!

After some major LA morning traffic we pulled into Anaheim about 8 am. Then I went to pick up my media badge and wait in line for the JJ Abrams/Kathleen Kennedy panel. After waiting for what seemed like forever, I finally got my wrist band for one of the simulcast rooms and was seated shortly. That panel was nothing short of spectacular! Highlights for me were seeing the new and old cast members, having BB-8 roll on stage, and of course, that incredible trailer! This was an amazing start for Star Wars Celebration.

I went on to attend The Coffee With Kenobi podcast, panels including: the Music of the Empire Strikes Back, the untold Clone Wars, and the History of R2-D2, I briefly hit the sales floor, and finally watched The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones in 3d.

The atmosphere here is amazing! Star Wars fans are fantastic and there’s a definite camaraderie in the air.  It’s been so cool to meet new people and some of my Twitter followers! 

I’m looking forward to more great people, costumes, and panels. I’m sure I’ll keep tweeting like a maniac so that should be fun! Oh yeah. I’m also an ewok today, so there’s that!

May the force be with you!

Star Wars Celebration – Personal Log | April 15, 2015

After months and months (well, years actually) of anticipation it’s finally the day I leave for Star Wars Celebration!!! It’s hard to find the words to express the emotions I’m feeling and I don’t know if the full impact will even hit me until I’m staring at the Anaheim Convention Center.

I’ve wanted to go to a celebration since the very first one and now that it’s almost here I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! Being completely immersed in Star Wars for 4 days is going to be surreal! Tomorrow I am most excited for new The Force Awakens content. A trailer is pretty much guaranteed but I have a feeling there’ll be a few more surprises…

If you’re at SWCA be sure to say hi and if you’re not, be sure to stream it on starwars.com!!! And either way be sure to keep checking my Twitter and here for live updates!