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Happy 10th Anniversary, NuWho!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of NuWho! I thought it be appropriate to share my top 10 favorite NuWho episodes on this momentous occasion. Please note, they’re in no particular order and 2-parters count for 1 episode for these purposes. Enjoy!

10) The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
These episodes had the perfect blend of horror, drama and romance. The message of love was also beautiful and poignant.

9) Vincent and the Doctor
Seeing one of my favorite artist portrayed onscreen was enough to put this one on my top 10 list. But Tony Curran’s astounding portrayal as Van Gogh was one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking things I’ve seen in my life.

8) Human Nature/The Family of Blood
I loved theses episodes. It was like Doctor Who meets Downton Abbey. I also love how Martha really gets a chance to shine. I was happy to hear the writer of these episodes, Paul Cornell, will be at the Phoenix Comicon this year!

7) Adipose
So this episode is pretty silly, but the chemistry between Tennant and Tate really is what really stands out for me. That scene with them talking through the windows was comedy gold!

6) The Girl in the Fireplace
The gorgeous setting, magnificent costumes and fascinating story make this episode a real classic. I also like how it eloquently discovers the effect The Doctor can have on someone’s life.

5) The Girl Who Waited
Karen Gillian really outdid herself with this one. The scene with the young and old Amy discussing their love for Rory is one of my favorite Who scenes of all time.

4) Blink
A truly terrifying and clever episode. I’ll never look at a statue the same way again!

3) The Doctor’s Wife
This one has some fascinating insight into the relationship between The Doctor and The Tardis. It was so cool to see the TARDIS personified.

2) Robin Hood
I’ve always been a fan of Robin Hood so I was thrilled to see the Who take on it. I loved this fun, adventurous romp through Sherwood Forrest.

1) Journey to the Center of the TARDIS
I thought this episode was notable because we got to see so much of the TARDIS interior.