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Vintage Ventures: The Brass Armadillo

The other day I decided to take a stroll through The Brass Armadillo, a giant antique mall in Phoenix. This place is a haven for treasure seekers like me and this trip did not disappoint. There’s something unique and eye-catching around every corner.

The wide variety of merchandise alone makes The Brass Armadillo a must for anyone in the Phoenix area!



Not to mention the awesome Star Wars stuff everywhere!


Including this jaw-dropping collection of Star Wars cookie jars!!!   

Star Trek + Star Wars? Now you’re talking my language!

In the end I showed great restraint and only purchased one thing. Can you guess what it was? If you guessed something r2-d2 related you would be correct! I got this cute R2 plushie for only $3.99!

The Brass Armadillo is a super fun way to spend a few hours and I know I’ll be coming back soon!

Check out their website at